Class I Medical Device
According to directive 1993/42/EEC
DM 1526769/R (BD-A95E27) - DM 1526777 (BD-A95E26)
DM 1638137/R (BO-D2118)
DM 1638185/R (BO-D1718) - DM 1638186/R (BO-D1518)
DM 1638187/R (BO-D1218) - DM 1638188/R (BO-D1118)

In every second of your life, you are exposed to the threats of invisible enemies.
Bacteria, viruses, and allergens are always around you.
BIOVITAE® is an appliance (patents pending) protecting from pathogenic microrganisms and from airborne pollutants, with the shape of a common light bulb. And installs in your existing light fixtures, as it retrofits with every existing socket.

The quality of our design, development and production processes of innovative high-tech software and electronic systems, resulting in the advanced biotechnological devices, coming from our translational research activities, is certified by IMS International under the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), a government organization among which members are the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Department of Health, the Health and Safety Executive, and Public Health England.

At the base of our products there is always a serious scientific activity.

Our story began long ago. And has taken us to you.


NEXTSENSE is an innovative "extra muros" research company, recognized from the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), which has the goal to bring to people exceptional solutions derived from any groundbreaking scientific research, combining intelligent software systems with the latest available knowledge and technologies.

We operate in the field of translational research, with the aim to bring down the gap between the results of pure research and the application of the best scientific experiences to everyday life.

With the use of advanced tools and without losing the focus on the national and international guidelines, we provide high performance in terms of technical and professional quality, thanks to the commitment and passion of our staff and the constant search for the highest organizational quality that, with continuous technological updates, characterize our growth.

We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers through the principles of ethics, humanization, participation, efficiency and effectiveness of our researches. Each activity is planned and monitored through a dynamic process, which results from the continuous confrontation with the principles of best-practice.

And our main purpose is the focus to meet customer's expectations, in terms of satisfaction but also in terms of validity for the given solution.

Our company is vibrant, dynamic, solid and thinks to its growth in a course of humanity and progress.

Any questions? Just drop us a line.

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